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Always wanting to stay on top of our ride, the Kellys Factory Team riders are guzzling kilometers towards better results and new technologies.

Our riders never pedal without a purpose. They’re driven by pure biking passion and desire to spread our name and help our R&D center test ride and innovate each of our bikes in hot pursuit of staying true to the Kellys mission spirit and riding big.

our ambassadors

  • Marek Rauchfuss
    Kellys Bike Ranch Team
    Marek Rauchfuss
    Born 18.7.1990
    Czech Republic
  • Michal Bubílek
    Kellys Bike Ranch Team
    Michal Bubílek
    Born 23.8.1986
    Czech Republic
  • Lucie Hamanová
    Kellys Bike Ranch Team
    Lucie Hamanová
    Born 9.4.1987
    Czech Republic
  • David Bártek
    Kellys Bike Ranch Team
    David Bártek
    Born 3.5.1998
    Czech Republic

  • Michał Martyka
    Michał Martyka
    Born 10.3.1989

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