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ATLAS F Dynamo

KLS ATLAS is a dynamo powered front light with extra-wide lens, which brightens up all the areas you need to see.


•      Extra-wide lens brightens up the areas on the sides and directly in front of the bike. This helps a lot when maneuvering through complicated terrain – because it shines “into the turn”. It also brightens up obstacles which are just in front of the bike and which needs to be driven around very carefully

•      Hi-beam in the center area effectively brightens object in far distance

•      The light beam is “cut from the top” – so it won’t blind oncoming traffic

•      The light will keep on shining 10 minutes after you stop. This will significantly increase your visibility and therefore safety for example when you stop on the crossroad

•      Ergonomic button is easy to reach whenever you need it

•      You can easily mount the light on the front fork, or front basket with support using the brackets included in packaging

•      The use of dynamo significantly saves the environment

•      Complies with German Road Traffic Regulations – StVZO




Lighting output:

Source of light: 1x LED

Functions: 100%, 50%

Input voltage: 6V 2.4W

IPX 4 (Water resistant)



Colour: Black



Bracket with fork mount

Bracket with mount on basket

User manual



Forks with hole for front light mount, and baskets with fork support  

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