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The stylish children´s pedal-free bike KITE 12 is an ideal instrument for the development of motor skills and coordination. As a result, children manage to ride a two-wheel bike in a shorter time. A ride on the pedal-free bike provides outdoor entertainment. When riding the pedal-free bike, children learn to maintain balance which is so required to manage a two-wheel bike riding. The pedal-free bike KITE 12 features a light-weight aluminium alloy frame, adjustable seat allowing the pedal-free bike to be adjusted to the children´s height. 12" wheels and pneumatic balloon tyres absorb shocks which results in a more comfortable ride. Antiskid tyre pattern makes the bike suitable for any terrain type. The pedal-free bike KELLYS KITE 12 fulfils strict safety regulations and complies with the European standard EN-71.
light-weight aluminium frame
frame integrated pedals
height adjustable seat from 350 mm to 400 mm height adjustable handlebars from 490 mm to 540 mm 
handlebars - length 400 mm, diameter 22.2 mm
12" pneumatic wheels with denser tyre pattern
steel wheel bearings, steel wheel hub
aluminium rims, steel spokes
head construction with steel bearings
weight 3.9 kg

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